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Thread: Monetization on Youtube...??? :D

  1. Question Monetization on Youtube...??? :D

    Hi, everyone! First off, hope this is the right section to post this. If it ain't, sorry, please lmk! Thanks!

    Been thinking about monetizing my video on youtube, at least the videos that have no copyrighted material like music... I see that they've recently changed it up a bit and now you sign up for the "Youtube Partner Program" to monetize vids... What is this whole thing, basicly? Is it easy to sign-up and do? I think I need an AdSense account...? I imagine this whole thing is a pretty darn secure program with no issues...??? Was it worth the trouble for you? Are you making a decent amount off your vids? I don't want to sign up for all this stuff and then not make a decent amount to the point I feel it was almost a waste of time and trouble... I know it all really depends on who's buying the ads and how many people click on them, etc... But, if I have a video that's gotten 3,000 views, what kind of money do you think I could make off it? (Not trying to be nosy, you don't have to give me an amount you've made if you don't want... lol!) Thanks, ya'll! Peace out!


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    You'll need 1000's of views each month to earn as little as 1 or 2 dollar

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    That's pretty much the long and the short of it, you really need a lot of views to make any money. I was invited to be a partner about a year ago and in total I've supposedly earned about $0.50. I get bugger all views so don't know what sort of money can be gotten exactly BUT like vzw said you need 1000's of views to make it pay. It is easy to sign up and yes you will need an Ad sense account to link to it.

    I have had a recent issue with them in that they have recently reviewed my videos and rejected a couple with out giving a reason. One of them especially is annoying as I know it can't be for copyright reasons as I did all the filming and even wrote and played the music. I can only think they thought the video was rubbish (which it is) but seriously, they will be much stricter with how they review your videos, so make sure you really don't use any thing that could be regarded as someone else's copyright.

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    LOL!!! Ok, thanks, guys! Yeah, don't sound like the trouble of signing up!

    Bummer on the vids, MBP! I think I'd even have to get "permission" from my sponsors for putting their logo in the video! lol!

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    I signed up for Adsense in 2006 and so far have racked up a whopping $30.55 USD -- note that I haven't gotten any money out of Adsense yet because they only cut the first cheque at $100.00 -- of that $30.55, about $0.10 is from YouTube ads and the rest is from my "technology roadmapping" blog. With that said, the odd YouTube video does occasionally go viral and you could rake in many tens of dollars all at one time -- plus it's fun and free to enter the viral video lottery so why not?

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