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Thread: Are there any headsets that can record whispers spoken under ones breath?

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    Default Are there any headsets that can record whispers spoken under ones breath?

    Are there any headsets that can record whispers spoken under ones breath?

    ideally, i would like to use such a device to make personal recordings to be used with a speech recognition / transcribing program such as dragon, so the recordings ought to be clean and accurate.

    unfortunately, i've not encountered a headphone/microphone that can do this, though i have not been trying hard (i picked up some basic models without shopping around and unfortunately, these only pick up my footsteps and more sibilant esses -although i know i can hear my own voice and i've even had people from outside answer back!).

    ideally, i would like the device to be a headset that can be used with a smartphone or a laptop. is there anything in the market like what i'm looking for?
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    There are things called "throat microphones", but I have never used one.

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    If we cut out OP's confusions (Ooops), then what he's after is a means to record low-level wispered speech.
    -this will need a sensitive mucrophone unless he can dual-gain one of those headsets which come complete with mic. - as used in Call-Centres, for example.

    I think OP needs to rationalise what he's after - it's confusing to say the l e a s t.

    Frankly I'm not sure at all, although suspect it's fairly simple once the confusion is boiled away. If OP is practical that will make things easier if some degree of adaption is req'd, but what I don't understand is "why" - and why is the target wearing headphones in the first place? - is it like a "language lab" where the Teacher says something and the Pupil repeats it . . . Ah, but then what's this "wispered" stuf about?

    How did the neighbour get involved? Phew!
    paulears (Post #2)), neatly explains the majority confusion, I believe.
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    Sounds like your spying on people and trying to record some form of diary of their movements.
    I can ask a pal at MI6 what he uses. :P

    If I have guessed correctly, Then your gonna need to find out what headsets the MOD or police use for their "sneaky missions" when they need to communicate quietly into a headset.

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    oof. i apologize for the format of my original post and i also apologize if this really isn't the best place to ask such a question.

    i would like to have a handy, portable recording device to make personal recordings (eg: notes, thoughts, etc) because i find that speaking -even under breath- leads to a more natural flow of ideas than typing, and i would like to do this with whispers because i am a very private person. some sort of wearable microphone would be preferred because i find that changing posture -for instance, bringing a mic to the mouth- also seems to have some sort of disruptive effect to my creative process. also, i'm not a very technical person so ideally i'm looking for a finished product or else something that can be very easily modified.

    i hope this hasn't been too confusing.

    EDIT: i mentioned the neighbor's kid overhearing me to indicate that i am producing an audible level of sound which ought to be recordable.

    EDIT: good lord, paul! you weren't kidding when you said that lip mics are expensive! i certainly hope there's a cheaper -and less cumbersome- solution than this. professional quality recording is not required, i think; the recording only needs to be good enough for an algorithmic transcription program like 'dragon naturally speaking' to decipher my speech. beyond that is overkill.

    my problem right now is that none of the basic microphones i've purchased can even pick up my whispers. i'd be willing to start with a model that can at least do that and move forward from there.
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