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    This is supposedly my best edit, Its of me and some friends doing parkour, I semi edited the clips to some music. now while my friends think its good, I want real opinions they probably like it because theyre in it. so since this is an editing community I want you to give my unsugar coated comments on my video I need them to learn and to hopefully become a better editor.

    We've Been Around - Parkour - YouTube

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    There are a lot of good elements to this. I really like the shot at 1:30 but then us included some ropey footage at 1:53. If you learn to be strict about what you take out, your final product will be better. Now the next part of my comment is more difficult to over come. As I'm sure you know there are a ton of this type of video on YouTube so ask your self this question. Why would someone watch you video and not someone Else's. What elements can you add to you video that makes it stand out. Try giving it a narrative of some sort eg a purpose for running around the city. A chase is the obvious choice but I'm sure you can be more creative and come up with something really original and interesting. That I think is the key to making a better video of this kind.

    Technically the camera work could be better in that it's shaky in parts. The exposure is all over the place but I think if you really make the content better, the technical side will automatically improve as you put more thought into your shots, like at 1:05 where three of you jump over the wall at the same time.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for the feedback ^_^ Im not quite totally sure about what you mean by the exposure being all over the place, im kinda self taught so Im not too good with technical terms

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    Midnight is probably referring to my patented technique of alternating the amount of light that reaches the camera's sensor in a haphazard manner such that a) some footage is completely washed out due to over-exposure and b) some footage has a bunch of dark patches due to under-exposure. Your camera probably has some sort of exposure setting(s) to fiddle with.

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    Correct. 10 points to Mr Zam.

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