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Thread: can u get text 2go from bottom left across screen like news

  1. Default can u get text 2go from bottom left across screen like news

    how can i make text run across the bottom of the screen like on the news from the bottom left to the bottom right ... thanx for your help

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    Default Text box

    Make your news bar by creating a really really long text box. Extend the clip to the length of the newsbar u want (as in drag it out on timeline, and change cliplength at top of text media box). Then create a keyframe in the placement tab, with the preset "Bottom Left" selected (or similar) and have a safe area of around 5% to get it at the very bottom (play around with this). Then, create another keyframe at the very end of the clip, with the preset "Bottom Right" and it will then scroll the news bar


  3. Default one more thing

    thanx too much ... u saved my @$$ ... but how can i slow that text down ... its going across super fast ...

  4. Default nevermind

    nevermind ... u slow it down just like video ... i feel smart ... but ive been up for 2 days ... lol thanx peoplez

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    Default An alternative way

    An alternative method (better quality) is the make the clip longer by changing the clips length in the text media box, and then dragging the clip out and then drag your last keyframe to the end.


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    I am having the same problem listed here Vegas 7. I managed to get the text to scroll but cannot have it placed on a coloured ribbon (eg white text on a red background).

    If I set the background colour, it takes up the entire screen. I tried to acheive this through the pan / zoom option but could not get the ribbon to take up the full width of the frame.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: I am a newbie, impressed by what I managed to achevie from places such as here. Thank You.

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    Create a different track for the colored box and use track motion to size it accordingly. Layer the text on the layer above that.

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    Thank You it worked. I created a new track with a bar that runs from transparent to the colour I wanted and it worked perfectly.


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