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Thread: Very basic questions on audio.

  1. Default Very basic questions on audio.

    This has been a burning question of mine. If the audio is inputed into a camera, does that mean you do not need to do any syncing? Does that mean you don't have to do that clap at the beginning?
    Also, if I am going to do a video of someone sitting at a desk and talking, can I hook a camera up to a computer and connect the mic to the computer also and it will be automatically sycronized?

    I watched this video
    How to: Quick tip on an alternative method to capturing audio for video - YouTube

    Has technology changed in the last few years that any of what he is saying about this is dated?

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    If you hook a mic up to a camera, yes it will be automatically synchronised. If you hook a camera to a computer you would be better to run the mic through the camera as well. Other wise you may need to synchronise depending on the software you use to record. Technology never stands still but nothing is out of date in the video.

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