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Thread: About "normalize switch" and "normalize peak level" in audio events

  1. Default About "normalize switch" and "normalize peak level" in audio events


    I am trying to understand about the best usage of the "normalize switch" (right click on audio event).
    In the attached image there is two common situations I have found in my projects (the events bellow are the same and were "normalized").

    Situation 1: Audio is low and I use normalize to increase the volume level.

    Situation 2: Audio is loud and I use normalize to decrease the volume level.

    I would appreciate help to understand these issues:

    a) Is it a common feature to be used often? I am doing "normalize" very often...

    b) Besides the situations 1/2 I mentioned, there would be other situations to apply "normalize"?

    c) In Preferences/Audio I set "normalize peak level" to -3dB (Vegas default => - 0.1dB). I am not sure about what peak level should be the best reference. Is there such reference?

    Thanks in advance,

    Vegas normalize switch.png

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    Hi again cadu.

    Normalise doesn't really do what you're trying to do here. Epecially the normalise supplied with Vegas.

    All it does is analyse the entire event (you can only apply it to an eventm I believe) and find the highest peak. It will work out the difference between that peak and 0db. It wlll then add that difference to the whole of the event.

    So, if you ahve a very quietly recorded evens where someone has bumped into the mic, causing a "blip" which causes the audio to peak (ie reach or exceed 0db), normalising will have no effect.
    However, if you trim the event to exclude the peak, normalise will increase the "volume" such that the next highest peak touches 0db.

    It's really there to enable you to have something to play with, not to balance volume.

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    Thanks for information once more Tim!

    a) So, in situation 1 I should just increase the volume and in situation 2 decrease (without to be concerned with "normalize" issue), by using one of the several methods we already discussed in another thread, isn't it?

    b) Specially in situation 1 (small sound wave), this is the output of my USB microphone I recorded using Vegas. Is there any adjustment before recording that could generate a bigger sound wave? Or would be common this kind of small sound wave as a record output (So I would treat as mentioned in "a")?


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    If I understand you correctly then,
    a) Yes & yes
    b) turn up the volume on the recording track.

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    Thanks Midnight!

    You said=> "turn up the volume on the recording track".

    I made some tests changing the track volume levels before recording. But even when setting to 12dB, the recorded volume still the same. I checked the settings of my microphone and the volume level is in max.

    So, "turn up the volume on the recording track" should be applied after recording as an adjustment (not to increase the volume before recording), isn't it?


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    I did mean before recording. What about the master volume is that also max ? If that doesn't work have a look at the volume setting in the system audio manager for the device you are using. Please don't ask me how to do that as there are different ways depending on you hardware and software.

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    Have you tried recording using a separate solid-state recorder? This will anable you to check the recording levels before it gets into vegas.... most have level-meters and AGC (or manual) and can record .wav up to 24-bits.
    I bought VStudio, v10 production suite . . . and the limited interaction does allow a vid. soundtrack to be "copied to Audio Editor" (=SoundForge). Whilst this is less comprehensive than Vegas, it is excellent at changing audio levels. (Mouse-over section,"Process"/Volume (set %up or down), this ensures the file remainis the original length. If you "Cut" (eg handling noises), then your audio won't match the vid. - - - -maybe you already know all this...?

    Pasting it back into vegas (via Import Media), the technique I use to impliment Rubber-Banding (Not in VS Index!) - use Menu "Insert/Volume" you can raise/lower levels as required. However, that feature is imposed on all events on that Track, so you might want to rename it "Rubber" so you know what it's doing.

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    Thanks for information Vidmanners!

    I didn't know about that. The last thing I am learning on video production is audio, just for now!

    I google "VStudio, v10 production suite", but I found a plenty of links and I am not sure about what would be this software.

    Should it be the "Cakewalk"?


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    you'll find the various Sony Vegas software features here
    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Product Comparisons

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