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Thread: Driftwood Trailer

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    Default Driftwood Trailer

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to share the trailer for my latest short film 'Driftwood' which I've been working on the past few months. It's nice to finally be able to show some footage! Driftwood is the story of a gifted teenage athlete who uses his gift to overcome problems in his personal life.

    On the techie side of things we shot Driftwood with the Arri Alexa, edited on Final Cut 7 and graded on Da Vinci Resolve. This was by far the biggest project I have ever worked on but have enjoyed the experience of working on a larger scale production and actually having a budget for once!

    The full film itself is pretty much finished and will be winging its way to festivals around the world. For those on here that supported and donated towards making this film happen i'll be sending a private viewing link your way in the next few weeks. Hope you all enjoy!

    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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    Good luck with it Jim. I'm sure it'll do well. From this trailer it looks great.

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    Thanks Midnight! I'm really proud of everyones hard work on this! I've kept out some of my favourite shots so that they'll be a surprise to anyone who goes on to see the final film. Also, a friend of mine has made a BTS video for Driftwood which we'll be putting out next week - he has done an amazing job so i'll post it when it's released!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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    that was great! acting was good, shots were great and the editing was amazing best of luck on the film ^_^ im sure it will do really well

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    Thanks for watching Viveirosgame! Really glad you enjoyed it! If you want to read anything more about the film and the people involved go to: Driftwood Film - Homepage
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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    Just in case anyone fancies seeing Driftwood, the film is now available worldwide on iTunes. A big thank you to everyone who has supported the film!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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    Stunning! Did you selffund with contributions or get a grant?

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    Thank you Rob! The film was funded a number of ways. Firstly, we had a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo (, as well as a private funding campaign which landed nearly the same amount as the crowdfunding side. Lastly I put a lot of money in myself so that the film could have a substantial festival push!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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    Thanks for the info and best of luck with the festivals!

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    Cheers! We're pretty much at the end of our festival run now - time to move onto other projects (such as Driftwood 2: The search for a Bigger Pool)
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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