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Thread: Importing Video From DVD Disc to your project.

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    Default Importing Video From DVD Disc to your project.

    how do I take video from a dvd disc and put it in my project? now i'm not talking about burning a dvd movie in it's entirety but more like scenes or clips? can someone help me out, I was sent a dvd disc of video (not data) and need to import it into my vegas 5 project.

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    Default Dr DIVX

    U will have to use a third-party program such as Dr DivX in order to get the video off


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    DVDs are mpeg2 files! Simply copy the vob to your hard drive and they can be dropped directly onto the Vegas timeline!
    Tom Robinson

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    DVDs are made up of a series of VOB and IFO files. The VOB files contain the video, the IFO files information about the video and data (chapter points etc). The VOB files are essentially MPEG2 encoded video, so if you copy these (they will be under the VIDEO_TS folder) to your harddrive, you can edit the video from the DVD*.

    Most Non Linear Editing (NLE) applicatications don't natively edit MPEG2 very well, but see how you go.

    *Note that this assumes the DVD is not encrypted.

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