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Thread: How to render 50fps to 25fps without losing slow motion? [IMPORTANT]

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    Default How to render 50fps to 25fps without losing slow motion? [IMPORTANT]


    I got an important video to edit, but the person who shot the video shot in both 50fps and 25fps. The 50fps was shot because he wanted some slow motion shots, everytime I try and render it however it looks blurry.

    Here is the example - Untitled - YouTube

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me! thanks.

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    I don't mean to be funny but do you mean out of focus ?

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    Not sure about sharpening the image, but Vegas allows individual clips to be speeded-up (or slowed) so I guess that's the quick way to get the pitch right. (grab, Cntrol+ contract= speed up) or expand=slow down. There is a limit to the amount this can be done since the details may be missing in the original. Provided the Audio is still Grouped, then it stays in sync but the pitch will change - is that what you want?

    I sometimes speed-up "pans" knowing the full frames are present.
    I'm not sure this would work the other way: if a pan was too fast you are missing data.

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    The camera is in Autofocus mode and by slowing it down you notice the out of focus shoots more.

    Try the Un-sharpen filter

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