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Thread: Wells Beach: My Best Video...Yet? (GoPro)

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    Talking Wells Beach: My Best Video...Yet? (GoPro)

    I used a GoPro HD Hero @720p-60fps and a Panasonic HDC-SD9 @1080i-30fps rendered to 720p-60fps it's my first promotional video for my websites Youtube channel; geared towards the younger clients (sports). Monday I am filming an eye surgery at a local clinic which will be geared toward my more professional clients. I tried to capture the experience I had over 2 days at the beach in Maine....yes there is beer and a police department warning in the video but I did not think it was obnoxious enough to damage my reputation.

    Wells Beach Promo - YouTube
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    Many interesting shots, time lapses etc..... but I didnt get any idea of purpose for the video. Maybe some opening titles like "Two wild days at --- beach" could help? BTW, why did you dig that huge hole in the beach???

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    BTW, why did you dig that huge hole in the beach???
    Because they're young. !

    Not a bad effort, some nice shots etc. BUT it is too long for the casual viewer. Trim a couple of mins off, there are some unnecessary shots like around 4:00, that shot didn't fit with the rest of the footage.

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    Hi - thought there were some really creative shots and editing....but yes I agree as above too long ..Liked the story element where it started with a drive to the beach..liked the running along the beach ...great ideas but needs to be much shorter. The hole digging loved the shot where he jumped in and disappeared but spent too long watching them dig the hole. Think ...beach promo ...what is my message about the beach...then tighten it around your "sales message". Would love to see a 3 -4 min version.

    Keep being creative ....your doing some great stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyday View Post
    Would love to see a 3 -4 min version.
    At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon ... Me too.

    I thought the time lapse shots with the GoPro are rather "other worldly". I loved the first shots of digging a hole in the beach. But without a stronger narrative I really lost interest after 2 mins.

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    Thanks for the input guys! I agree it is too long my weakness is "throwing away footage" and some of the b-roll was unnecessary but if it was used it was because of the lightness in the sky so the scenes slowly got brighter then darker to simulate a 2 day cycle. Already deleted the project so I'm guna have to go with what I got and keep it in mind for the next one. Why did we dig such a deep hole? ....testosterone + beer lol
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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