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Thread: Short documentary to share(gritty and explicit to an extent)

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    Default Short documentary to share(gritty and explicit to an extent)

    Hi guys, had the oppertunity to document and shoot a short interview this week with a person very much addicted to drugs and I put together this short film.

    It does contain graphic intravenous drug use so be warned. Any comments the subject or the construction of the film are more than welcome.


    Mark Brown

    PLay FiLm - YouTube

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    The video "might" get pulled by YouTube because of the actual injection of illegal drugs.

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    I think you did a good job with this. The drugs are not demonised or glorified which is probably what people should see about heroin. The total wasted life comes across and the vice like grip it takes on someone.

    On a technical note, the background music is a little loud.

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    thanks midnight. You pointed out that problem before with the trailer I showed you, maybe I should get some new headphones

    thanks for the feeback.

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    I struggled with this because I hate seeing needles going into anyone (except myself, bizarrely). I'm just squeemish.

    I think you've done a great job capturing it just "as it is" without attempt to put any opinion or reach any conclusion.

    This is useful reference material, but for that very reason, I'm not sure it's an interesting film. It's informative in the same way as a Brian Cox documentary might be if it didn't have Cox getting all excited and staring wistfully at the sky, just someone listing distances from the sun, sidereal years etc when talking about the planets.

    Don't get me wrong. i think you've done incredibly well to get wat you have here. A true, hnes, and personal account. I just wonder whether this isn't just the "meat" of a film which tries to get across a message or a statement.

    My only criticism would be that the music was rather corporate video background which was disconcerting - we were watching and listeing to an addict but the music told us we were watching a process on aproduction line.

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    thanks for you comments Tim.

    Yeh I basicly just allowed the structure of the film to be subconciously directed by the subject and just tried to make him feel easy and comfortable enough to not feel judged but at the same time ask personal and revealing questions because without touching on some 'sore' points during the interview the film may not have come accross interesting at all.

    The music I didn't really spend alot of time being too picky with I heard the track and it combined and the diologue and basic shot formation seemed to work for me, I think it provides a smoothe transition between the level of intensity and subtlety.


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