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Thread: AVCDH Edit PD9 - produces horrible quality - Help Pls

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    Default AVCDH Edit PD9 - produces horrible quality - Help Pls

    Hi Forum,
    i've been reading, searching, and testing all things under the sky to find a solution for this problem.

    I got a Panasonic TM900, which gives beautifully crisp image on camera and tv. I got a Sony Vaio with Invidia GeForce 410M. I got Power Director 9. I lost hours and hours of editing my footage, having now 24 mins to produce. I do quite simple editing, besides few fades, and speed adjustments...

    The results are horrible.

    I went on testing: AVD, Mpeg2, AVI. All different settings. With withour SVTR. Etc. Nothing compares to the original image.
    The testing included having the produce/render to block at 71% too.

    1) there's got to be a way to use this edited file
    2) next footage: what is the simple way of doing this?

    Thank you so much!

    I have some urgency, because I invested in this gear to make community videos....this cannot happen in the field. I need a simple and quick fix!

    should I have got a Mac and film in i-something? :(

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    It will help if you outline your Editor gear, PC/software OS, processor Power, RAM and so on...and tell us at what point (in the Editing process), you are viewing this.
    Viewing raw footage is usually OK, but once it's been put into an Editor it may struggle unless you have a powerful PC (like Quad-core, plenty of RAM, oodles of HDD space in the PC (so not an external drive).
    Also a decent Graphics card will be necessary, pref. not "intergrated graphics"

    As with so many things it's not WHAT you do, rather the way you do it.

    Then after Editing, you Render - is this rendered to HD quality (eg .m2ts file).?
    Do you create a disc? = and how do you view that?
    PC's are not often the best players, IMHO.

    Provided yr footage is OK eg that camera should do 1920 x 1080 50p then your problem lies elsewhere - buit you did say "speed-adjustment" - pse. can you explain?

    Some background to the project and your experience in Video will help create a better story, too.
    Good luck.
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