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Thread: Realistic Muzzle Flash Tutorial

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    Default Realistic Muzzle Flash Tutorial

    This is a Tutorial to help you achieve a realistic look to your Muzzle Flashes. If you have any suggestions for a future tutorial please respond or leave a comment on the Video. We upload tutorials weekly so please subscribe.

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    A tad misleading as the muzzle flashes are not "realistic" they are "Hollywood"

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    Agree, what I fail to understand is why such a bright plume of plasma doesn't light up all round the frame (following inverse sq law), so the gunman's face would be bright for a single frame( there being no shorter time available).
    In cinemas they never got the idea of syncing a "camera flash", which would last for a fraction of the frame-rate . . . this would be more realistic for lightning, too.

    I'm not willing to be shot, but maybe someone with gun-experience can say if this (lighting effect) is what happens. The enormous still that's presented is begging to include the word "Bang!" for the hard of hearing.

    Another Hollywood effect is to synchronise gunfire when it's at some distance, whereas the round will normally come first and be followed by the noise. No doubt Posters can think of other "conventions" that are incorrect.

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