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    Video I shot with a Canon Vixia M40 advertisement my recently created business based in Atlanta. I had my friends review it and they said that they couldn't understand the model because of her German accent. I think information was well expressed in a fashionable manner. Please leave feedback & comments and I will return a favor if requested. ThanksShift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

    Ixora Models - YouTube

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    Hi joepigslop and welcome.

    You probably don't want to hear this but if your friends say it's hard to understand, then they are right. They are likely to be far less critical than someone who doesn't know your from Adam. Personally I find the accent attractive (or I could see how some might) but she needs to learn how to speak much more authorititively (without losing any friendliness), more slowly and precisely, and you need to learn how to record the voice much more clearly. There's far too much backgruound noise (you can always add someambient sound later) and in teh second clip she "fades in" as she approached the camera. My guess is you used a camera sat on the mic. Not good enough I'm afraid, for promotional material. You need to get the mic creally close (soundman with a boom, yo probably don't want to spoil this with a tie-clip (lavalier) mic.

    Next, you have a plainly dressed model but a very busy background. Ask yourself, what are the eyes going to be drawn towards? I'm sure you chosethe background because it's contemporary and interesting - good move - but you don't want it to be a distraction. I don't know your camera and if it is anywhere near capable of doing this, but you should be thinking of Shallow Depth of Field , so that your subject is in focus, but the background is thrown out of focus. That way you can keep the interesting background without it drawing too much attention.

    Next. Stop zooming. Get much closer close-ups. Contrast these with the full shots. Get interesting angles. Cut between the shots. Also have a quick google about the "Rule of thirds"

    Finally, the model slouches around. I wouldn't book her based on that. Look at models at events: stand up straight, shoulders back, bust out, bum out - not just when obviously posing, but when "relaxed" as well.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but this will potentially have an adverse effect on your business.

    I suspect you're new to this. Trying to learn how to create a reasonable promotinal video whilst trying to get your business off the ground is asking too much of yourself. People study and practice for years to make these sort of videos. I'd have thought it would be well worth your while booking a professional (or at least someone with a lot more experience) would be a much more cost effective route. Something like this would be a very simple job for someone. I'm happy to be corrected by the pros here but I suspect this could be shot edited and dubbed in a day.

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    Felt a bit unstable to me - kinda made me dizzy. Font color is to bright and flashy, but maybe it's intentional. I liked the "stage" - draws a lot of attention, probably even more that the girl.
    Sorry, mean no offense.

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