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    Default The back up plan

    I've always relied upon external storage (most recently Vimeo) ti archive my final videos. In addition, I have masters on at least two separate drives. I do keep original source footage, but only one copy, and ti be honest it's no big deal if I lose it.

    But now I have a family, all the shirt clips have become precious. And I'm already clocking up some serious drive space.

    So for those of us hoarder amateurs. How do you keep digital archives if the footage (not tape based!)

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    Marc. You could buy a pack of 50. 4.7 gig DVD's for about a fiver and just drag all the clips over to your Disk drive. Make sure you name each clip and label the disc so you can find them on the disc later. Then you can delete them all from your Computer and free up space on your hard drives.

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    I keep two copies of the finished version on two separate drives one internal and one external. I only keep one copy of the original footage on an external drive along with copies of the project files and any other media used like photos etc. All my precious daughter stuff is also backed up on tapes.

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    I don't actually have any optical drives apart from on a ps3 (and of course those in hard drives that aren't Ssd). I found discs to be potentially unstable, so stopped relying on them both for storage and viewing over a year ago. I regard tapes and optical drives as legacy storage, preferring to use harddrives which provide mass storage and greater ease of transfer and access.

    I had flirted with the idea of anther nas, but I found the one I,m using to be noisy, hot and bulky. My thought was to buy a series of external portable drives and create a master and a backup. You can get 2gb fairly cheaply. USB has proved a good constant over the years, and I can easily transfer on mass when technology changes.

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    final versions, footage and project files all get shunted on to 2 x external Samsung story's, 1 x 2tb and 1 x 1tb. i really need to go through these as im very lazy with my archiving and save nearly everything :-( i reckon i could free up 500GB plus if i deleted some of the crap ill never use.

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    She, who must be obeyed now saves everything valuable on SD cards but I assume that you're talking about terrabites of footage of the missus and sprog, so it might be a bit expensive.

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    I don't recommend DVDs as a long-term backup solution. I recently tried to access data from disks that were around 5 years old and kept in a case and they read as blank. I mostly use external hard disks and the cloud.

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    I keep all my DV tapes and gopro SD cards (I have quite a few now)

    I have two external 300GB drives that I have been backing everything up on but they are almost full

    My next step will be to buy a WD MyCloud 2TB -- it just sits on the network and is available to all your devices.

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    From experience I know that the chances of me revisiting a project, apart from the final master, is incredibly slim. However when you talk of family archives, that's different. Some child somewhere will one day dig out everything you filmed, of them and you! It could be in 50 years time, but we've all been there ourselves, so we know this is odds on to happen.

    The only thing I know is that my test renders add up to about 20x the final master, so deleting them is a 80% of your project gone straight away. A series of 2gb external drives goes a long way once you delete these.

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    If I may suggest.

    Whatever storage solution you go for, expect to replace the media every 3-5 years. Due to drive failure, disk corruption, the ravages of time, simple knocks and bumps to the media over time.

    I'd also caution you to have your long term storage, but also a long term backup which is separate to your storage archive.

    3 per month, after 12 months that is 36 for backup storage. After 3 years that is 108. A tad pricey but it's a form of insurance for your digital data.

    So if you absolutely have to keep everything as is, that could be an option for you.

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