My name is Alan and I work for the software manufacturer MAGIX in Berlin. We are a market leader in multimedia software. We have just recently entered the App world with a photo App and I think it's a great, fun tool for those interested taking snaps with some interesting effects. Not that it is meant to replace traditional photography but it is great for catching some snaps on the go.

The new version of Camera MX, our "what you see is what you get" photo App for Android has some great effects that can be used live. This means that effects can be selected and applied while taking photos. You can make photos look how want right away - without needing to edit them later on.
In the new version there are 20 cool effects (more than 50 in total) such as lomo, tilt-shift, HDR and colour splash. Other new additions include borders and picture structures, a video recording and trimming feature, and the magic cube, which adds neat effects to your photos at random. All completely free.

The App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store