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Thread: Got new GoPro CAMERA chek out my first 3 videos

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    Default Got new GoPro CAMERA chek out my first 3 videos

    Hello I'm going to keep this short. I'm a new mountain biking enthusiast from Latvia. Just recently I got a new HD camera and would appreciate it if you checked out my videos. :thumbsup: wink* wink* :thumbsup:

    Channel : [DELETED]

    Clould lap 5h in 43 sexs : Cloud Time Lapse (in HD) [With Music] GoPro hero 2 - YouTube

    Mountain Bike Montage : [DELETED]

    Trampoline Biking with a GoPro : [DELETED]

    EDIT: Sorry, Midnight is right, si I've deleted all but the first link to a film (as per the rules). Don't decide which one you like best. Post them ALL, but in different threads please. Thanks!
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    This is classic go pro sport stuff, but there are things that you can do to make it better.

    1st, especially if you're doing slo-mos, don't use the 1080/25fps mode, work with the 960/50fps then edit in 720. 1080 mode is more of a "gimmick" to sell more cameras but the mode is really not good enough for anything other than still shots in my opinion, 960/25 (or 960/30 in NTSC) is the way to go, AND it has the widest angle, AND it gives you the freedom to adjust the position in post, AND it allows you to do good slo-mo shots at half the speed.
    2nd, that little "convert the end vid in 24fps" thing has been working charms for me and my gopro

    then, the go pro is nice for timelapses and helmet cam, but for your vids to be more interesting to watch, you should combine those shots with "regular" shots that would give the whole edit some rhythm.

    I also would like to say that I really think that you're doing pretty well with the music choice and this is a VERY important part that too many people neglect. to me, the music can make or break a good vid, and I believe, for me at least, that it's the single most important element in any vid. so thank you for taking it into consideration in the vids you posted, I really appreciated it.

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    Please read the rules about posting more than one video per thread. HERE then choose one of the links to keep.

    Thank you.

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