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Thread: please see and rate the video

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    Default please see and rate the video

    this is my third video i post in this forum for review.

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    what is it there to enjoy ?

    listen, if you want to come here to learn, then fine. at least pretend to take the advice that's been given to you into consideration.
    if I wanted to watch the news, I'd be watching the news, but I don't think people would appreciate someone to break the news down. it's pretty self explanatory, done by professionals, so it doesn't need any form of additional explanation done by an amateur.

    you realize people may be offended by what you just posted here? actually it may even get you in trouble.

    if you want to offend people with your vids, I can respect that, but use your own footage and tell a story with it. it doesn't matter how much you believe that video editing is simple and can be learned out of a 5minutes read of an e-book, that will never make it true. I took a lot of time trying to help you out but you obviously didn't even care to read my messages. So good luck for your future projects and I wish you the best. try and be safe.

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    I thought this was his own footage - but you're right the TV content was US-based so it can't be.
    I wasn't at all keen on the lengthy Ad that is forced on me. I don't buy that product and a lengthy advertisement for it won't change my mind when I'm waitiing for the Big Picture....pity I didn't enjoy that either, although no doubt it's very important to the people involved.
    If OP want to do News, perhaps he should interview folk when things calm-down and try to discover what is at the root of the issue? He could legitimately have a green-screen TV showing in his "Studio" - so the audience knows what's being discussed....

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    there are plenty of people here doing news-style material, some of them being really talented (I'm thinking of that olympic flame piece I watched earlier on and also about the rally one).

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