First of all I want to apologize if this post is not here, but I have not found WHERE I have to put. I'm building a new pc, which will be a hackintosh. I come from iMac, I sold it to build this hack. I am semi professional in video editing, i did some tv-spots, music videos, short films ...

I'm starting yet, why do not I have a big budget, About 1500euros, the monitor is separate from this budget. The applications I use are Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Avid, Nuke, Davinci, photoshop, illustrator. It depends on what the customer demands.

I have determined several components:

i7 3770k
128GB SSD for the system.

Had in mind the lga2011 i73820, but I have doubts. Worth the same price.
My first big question is the graphics card, my first choice was the GTX 670 from Gigabyte, but I think it is too much for video editing, and for 40 euros but I have the painting pmy 2000. I would like to know if there is a cheaper nvidia model serve me well and is compatible with CUDA acceleration in Adobe cs6. Or the Quadro 2000 is the best option?

My second question is the monitor, I like the U2711. But it's expensive I dont I have enough money. I am looking for some cheaper monitor 24 "- 27" good for video editing and 8bits if possible.

I'm thinking to happen to windows trabjar to the maximum the pc.

thank you very much