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Thread: The Dead of Us / Korn - Get Up! (The Walking Dead tribute)

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    Default The Dead of Us / Korn - Get Up! (The Walking Dead tribute)

    This is a tribute to the series The Walking Dead featuring music by Korn and Skrillex.

    Made by me.

    I've attempted to illuminate some of the points made by the creators of the series, which can be easily missed, and bind them together in one piece of audio and video.
    The song Get Up! by Korn and Skrillex suit the subjects portrayed well.

    The following might be somewhat interpreted as a spoiler.

    You're not required to have seen the series to follow the plot as the focus is put on the deeper meaning of the script and not the journey of the characters. Think of this as a film with more than one layer of depth. The Walking Dead season one begins with the protagonist searching for gasoline (which is absent) and slaying a zombie child in the process. The season ends with a countdown and a professor exclaiming "our world runs on fossil fuels. How stupid is that!?". Likewise my interpretation starts with "Don't Open, Dead Inside" and then follow the same theme; dried out oil fields, war, terror and stupidity. Keep this in mind when watching.
    If you've got 3 minutes and 53 seconds to spare I hope not to disappoint you.

    WARNING: Mature content, Gore.

    Available at: The Dead of Us - Korn - Get Up! featuring Skrillex (Tribute) - YouTube

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    I should point out that this piece is not suitable for younger viewers. Which will probably just make them want to watch it more.

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    Well no. The creators of The Walking Dead made the gore more than fairly realistic.
    Is it enough to justify a "Varning" label? I might have gotten numbed over the years. How things like this appear to other people can be alien to me.

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    I was just making the point as I sometimes have my young daughter around when I'm watching videos posted here. So there is the visual gore and the bad language to consider. This is also a forum for all ages. Most of us are not prudes, just parents.

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