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Thread: Loudness Equalisation

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    Question Loudness Equalisation

    I have a friend that is streaming downloaded youtube videos through a windows media player playlist. The sound levels fluctuate obviously due to however they were recorded.

    Does anyone know a way to output the sound continually at a constant set level.

    He doesn't have windows 7, so he hasn't got the 'loudness equalisation' property for his soundcard.

    My ideas were a specific amp with a leveling feature, or a compressor/sound processor of some sort in the sound chain. (I'm not sure of the best piece of equipment for this)

    But someone may know an easy, cheaper alternative?

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    It's hard to see how that can be done on the fly as all sound presumably has to be analysed in order to identify by how much each part should be brought up in level. Though I suppose that AGC manages this in a fairly basic way.

    If it were recorded soud he wanted to balance, I'd recommend The Levelator.

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    Does't iTunes offer the same functionality? Could this be an option?

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    Tx, I shall investigate those, but what is AGC?

    I found this plug-in for win media player that has preset song associations, which I presume means you can EQ and level each video ''one time'' and it will remember the settings each time. Just need time to play with it and find out.

    DFX Audio Enhancer Features -

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    I think AGC refers to Auto Gain Control.

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    Righto, tx.

    Forget the above link, it doesn't level videos, and it's only a demo version that doesn't have full functionality anyway.

    Now trying the i-tunes app.

    Tim, there's been a lot of complaints about the win7 loudness equaliser because it can ruin songs because it acts too quickly to level sound. It isn't smart enough to realise that certain parts of a song are meant to be quiet.

    What I really need is something that will simply remember what volume level to play a track at, and adjust it every time it plays. I'm not confident of finding this, but it would be useful.
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