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    I've been following this program on Channel 4 (UK TV) called Bank of Dave, has anyone else been caught up in this really positive message.

    Here is a down to earth block who has made a bit of money. He got fed up with the crooked bankers. So decided he would set up his own bank, offer people 5% interest and lend money to local small businesses who are struggling to get finance from the high street banks.

    He is so enthusiastic that he got around all the barriers they were putting in his way. Managing to handle the bureaucracy he opened his bank anyway Lent out tens of thousands of pounds of his own money. Got some depositors and within 6 months made enough profit to go round to the local charity shops and gave them all a couple of Grand.

    I love the way it shows how there is an alternative to the current crooked system.

    If you're interested you can watch it (UK only) HERE

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    Enjoyed this very much


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