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    Summer's fabalicious, isn't it? For the first time in what seems an age, I've had a sping in my step. I've greeted people with a smile (expect for the girl on whom I've developed a teenage crush and can't seem to make eye contact with) and patiently listened to my work colleagues.

    My fitness levels are almost back to what they were a year ago and I'm enjoying running again.

    So now I just have to casually make idle chit chat with said girl and all will be right in Marc's world...

    Who else loves summer?

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    Summer is great. Light evenings are lovely. One of my favourite pastimes is sitting on the top of a place called Werneth Low at sunset on a warm summers evening.

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    Yup I am up for summer. No more football, no more Partick Thistle Nil, at least until August.

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