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Thread: New viral Video: Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

  1. Default New viral Video: Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

    What's up everyone! Myself, wireside productions, and hopsin just released the video we've been working on- I'll have a full post about it on my blog later tonight!

    ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 #hopsin - YouTube

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    I was rather proud when my last Music Video received 60 hits. But, I notice that your one has already received 1.2 million views. I wonder what your audience retention rate is?

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    SO, what is your successful action to get so many plays in just a day ?

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    the artist Hopsin is pretty big right now, people were anticipating this like crazy especially after all our promo posters and teaser trailers. His last one in the series is at 12 million all time views, this one is going at an even quicker rate. He is a well known artist, made the XXL freshman top 10 list this year. Has a huge fan base who push his stuff like a factory, and they came through when he dropped this. It was posted on every huge hip hop site including hiphop dx, worldstar, realtalkny, etc because of how big his buzz was before the release of this

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    I think I like this. Is there a link to the lyrics (do rappers call them that?) cos I find them coming at me so quickly with that accent rather difficult to follow? I think the vid does a good job of getting what I believe the message to be across.

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    Lyrics: (yes rappers call them that) hahaha.


    does this video portray the message do you think?

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    Well if he has a huge following already that helps and then they all promote it that helps.

    I forgot to say I think this a very good video. You got a great performance out of the talent and I like the idea that he is talking to the different people and his Eminem changing voice style (if that's ok to say). It's much better than standing in front of a graffiti filled wall trying to look cool. He's saying a positive message which is so lacking in rap these days. I call it Old School. BUT may be thats because I'm old.

    Well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjp18 View Post
    does this video portray the message do you think?
    Basically yes. Not entirely sure about the eyes effect (done with contacts?). Eyes that don't look natural tend to be associated with bad rather than good.

    I think he really means what he's rapping. I think he is just repeating the age old call to teenagers to quit following the crowd, quit thinking the world owes you a living and basically put some effort in to getting a life and thinking for oneself. What's more he's blaming (or part blaming) therappers gor this.
    I'm guessing it's pretty unusual for a rapper to be saying this.
    But then I'm extremely surprised by its popularity as surely he's "dissing" his own market.

    Then we look at the video. Very interesting that he's wearing white (and well lit as opposed to the people he's talking to, creating a nice contrast). White has traditionally been associated with good, but this association has had a bad press in recent years because of people looking for racist undertones (ie white skin = good, black skin = bad). I think it's very brave to depict a good black man all in white. Is this done deliberately to provoke those who will complaint it's not politically correct. There is another possible interpretation that I'll come onto in a minute.

    What I love about this video, and what leads me to believe I've interpreted it correctly, is that his audience are listening and shocked by what he's saying, but it is clear that despite the fact he might open thier eyes for a few seconds, they are not going to change. And I think that's important as it is this frustration which comes across in his lyrics and delivery.

    The other interpretation (which has only occurred to me from the video) is that the whole thing is actually a dig at "middle class white man" (played by Hopsin) failing to understand the hip hop culture and trying to force his own values on the kids. I hope not.

    Edit: I can't believe I've just studied a rappers lyrics and commented on them other than to complain about misogynistic twaddle.
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    great vid I wish I could do stuff like that. music vids are the next step for me and this is a great example on how to do it well!

    good job !

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