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Thread: New 2012 VFX Reel!

  1. Default New 2012 VFX Reel!

    Really happy with how this turned out! Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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    Quite nice for what it is, I think it might be a bit long for a showreel. Try trimming some of your lesser efforts.

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    I also happen to find it a little long. I think 30s - 1min with your absolute best work, and some more fast paced editing and music could be pretty awesome
    some of the stuff you're doing is really good, but some of it also need serious polishing. I understand the difficulty in doing FX (that's why I stay clear from this myself) and I respect the work you've done, don't get me wrong here, I find it amazing, but the bar is set so high in this particular field that anything below absolute perfection tends to be a deal breaker for most of the general public.

    nonetheless, there is some excellent stuff in there, focus on that and shorten your vid by a good chunk, put some upbeat electro on that and change scenes every 2seconds or so

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