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Thread: Vegas Pro used together video converter software

  1. Default Vegas Pro used together video converter software


    Sometimes same video production is delivered in several outputs (.avi, .mp4, .wmv, etc.).

    I was wondering about rendering a video with best quality/output from Vegas and from this one just use a video converter software. It is because the video converter apps are faster than rendering each format by using Vegas.

    a) Does it make any sense? Or should be better render the several formats through Vegas?

    b) Any recommendation about a good/handy video converter?

    c) It seems the best quality output Vegas could is through .m2ts mainconcept, isn't it?

    Many thanks,

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    There is a difference between a Video converter and an Editor,Video Converters just change the graph points and pin assignments to a video where as a Video editor creates this to give the best production.

    a)Fair enough Vegas is one of the fastest editing application after Avid Media Composer faster than Premiere or FCP.So Vegas loves to keep quality in its products.
    b)Our studio uses Total Video Converter and Xillisoft,both are premium...or try Handbrake we make ultra compressed HD content through Handbrake.
    c)This is the setting that we render in our studio(All our softwares are Sony's)

    Home Video(Events,Wedding and stuff like that)
    HD 1280x720/1920x1080i
    FPS 25.000(PAL)
    BitRate 10,00,000 Mbps
    Mainconcept Mpeg-4

    HD 1980X1080/2K
    32,00,000 Mbps
    m2ts or Print to Tape

    TV Shows

    Same as Home but resolutions maybe changed to 720x480 and bit rate to 2Mbps[We send them to the channels through SSDS]

    Hope I Helped

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    Many thanks for detailed information Abhi. It is being a step stone to my projects, since I am beginning with video editing.
    I would appreciate a couple of clarifications.

    a) Overall (and without any concern), I was creating videos with FPS 29.970 (NTSC). What should be the implications of creating videos either as 25.000 (PAL) or 29.970 (NTSC)?

    b) About "Movies", do you still using 25.000 (PAL)?

    c) When you refer to BitRate, do you use "constant" or "variable" BitRate?

    d) By comparing your BitRate choices (32,00,000 Mbps to Movies and 10,00,000 to Home), it seems higher the BitRate/Mbps higher will be the video quality, isn't it?


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    Here are the answers
    a)Have you seen those documentary's which look really amateur?This is mostly because the editors never decrease the frame-rate,The cams will record in 60 Fps and render will be of 60 Fps,The significance of reducing frame rates is that,your content will look more cinematic...Movies such as the ones we edit are shot in Red One 4k Cameras in 60 fps to use twixtor,to save film and drive-space and to improve the cinematic quality we reduce the frame-rates to 25 or 24.976

    b)Yes,still using 25.000(PAL),there are only 2 theaters in Trivandrum which now support SSDs and the rest in Film,so our best bet is to reduce the use of films to save the producers money(he is the one paying the studio after all)

    c)Constant,Even if your render is in 10,000,000Mbps it will 9,898,970 Mbps so constant is more optional.

    d)Yes the higher it is the better quality,this will sound ironic,we have AMD Based systems here in our studio and 2 Macs in our software division,and we find rendering in 32 Mbps on our Windows systems is much faster than rendering on FCP in Mac.

    (Try to use "allow video to change frame rates" and see if it makes in change

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    Hi Abhi,

    Many thanks for explanations!!!


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