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Thread: My first Video Diary!

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    Default My first Video Diary!

    Hi All again!

    This is my Video Diary talking and looking at how i'm making the very 1st Episode of Zey The Mouse called:

    'Chestnut Hall' with drawings sets and showing how to make a backdrop of houses

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    I found this a bit slow moving but it definitely gives you an appreciation of the effort that goes into animation and makes me want to give it a whirl so I think it achieved its goal.


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    Hello Ian

    WOW! Excellent Video tutorial. I was totally glued to it. The story lines and creativity is just like the pro's would do this. You made it look so easy though I know it isn't, and there is major time and work that goes into it. This is right up my street creating something entirely new from scratch. Well Done! Cant wait for the first episode.


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    Cool video diary

    Thank you all, this is truly an amazing journey! like i said before, you never stop learning!, i thought i'd share the video diary so people can see how it's progressing!I'm really excited and i have 1 other animator, a writer and voice actors, the interest is amazing and everyones kind support.

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