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Thread: Red glitches during sony vegas edit

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    Default Red glitches during sony vegas edit

    Hi guys, had some really great help and advice from this sight last time I posted here so was wondering if anyone could provide any insight into my latest problem

    I half way through editing a peice of work in vegas hd studio 11 that has just reached around 25min on the timeline.

    The problem that has just arose is that each time I start editing now within 5 minutes the preview window starts flashing red and it gets continously worse until I shut the program down and start again, of course I can't be doing this every few minutes and it is incredibly distracting to my work, Anyone have this problem before or know much about it as I am again stumped and frustrated with the software.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as allways.


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    Offhand, I would think that most of the comments in a previous thread of yours still apply? But try lowering your preview settings to see if it makes any difference.
    By the way, did you downgrade from VegasPro to VMStudio??
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    Hi thanks for the response, the preview threads was the first thing I tried and to no avail however I have gone into tools and 'cleaned project media' and it seems to be running smoothe again(until the next problem that is, I'm sure).

    No I was using a trial Vegas Pro for 2 weeks and due to finance had to purchase VMstudio11 to start working on the film with the intention of transfering the project to Pro at a later date to before rendering.


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    anyone have any ideas what maybe causing the disruption? as the problem has continued.


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    would it be down to the fact that the project is large and I am trying to edit on vmstudio which is 32bit, would the suggestion be to transfer the project onto vegas pro and run at 64bit?? anyone have an ideas? has anyone seen that red screen before? it's getting progresively worse now in the fact that it wont even let me bring media files into the project media bin.

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    The red screen usually means "media off line" There is an option in the Vegas preferences to Close media files when not the active application if you untick it, it might help. This was sometimes an issue with older versions of Vegas but I haven't heard of it happening in a while so it might not be the case here.

    This to me is sounding more like a Windows or System problem rather than a Vegas problem. It could just be your disks or shutting down in the power save options or something like that BUT I'm no expert so seek other advice on this.

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    which version AND build of Vegas Movie Studio exactly are you using at the moment? (See VMS Help /About > General)
    Since you seem to have used the VegasPro trial, the option to upgrade is now available only if you buy VPro.

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