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Thread: My first Video Camera 1985

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    Default My first Video Camera 1985

    Hi Guys

    Just thought you might like this. One of my Wedding venues in 1985. This was the latest in Video filming Technology. Panasonic camera and VHS Portable Video recorder with 3hr lead acid battery pack. Couldn't stand still to long or I would have sunk into the ground. Many a time guests thought I was from the local TV Station. It looked impressive. Click to enlarge.
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    Looks rather cool.

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    We too started off with Panasonics. MS5 SVHS powered with lead acid batteries, I still remember the shoulder ache
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    I dont remember the model number but mine was a SOny. It had very little use but the "drum" ?!? developed surface rust that apparently couldnt be cleaned. it would have cost a fortune to repair so i scrapped it, vowing never again to buy a Sony product..... which of course i have

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    It had very little use but the "drum" ?!? developed surface rust

    The Drum usually referred to the Video head disc, which was and still is aluminum. Sony is good quality gear. They stayed with the ailing at the time Betamax format. The story of the camera.I was going to swap my Jaguar XJ6 for it. But the seller wanting the Jag was only a youngster so bit heavy on the insurance for him. I sold the Jag for 800 and bought the Camera kit. The price for it brand new 2 years earlier was 1750.

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    I still have tons of vhs tapes

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    Me to! 3 Big boxes full of them from the grand old video recorder repair business days. Still got my first Olivette windows 3.1 computer as new condition. 150 meg hard drive and 4 megs ram.

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