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Thread: HELP with purchase of a LCD for sony hdr-sr7e!

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    Default HELP with purchase of a LCD for sony hdr-sr7e!

    Hey guys,

    I have a problem with the LCD screen of my sony Hdr SR7E camcorder.

    I don't know the exact cause but one day when I opened the screen panel of the camera, it was like as if it has been smashed.
    The touchscreen (frontside) has no problems because when I touch it it just works. So the problem appears to be with the LCD screen.
    Below you can see a picture of the LCD panel.

    I looked up for a LCD screen on the internet. I managed to find one in China. The shipping cost to Europe is almost as high as the price of the
    item, still I'm ready to accept it. However, what makes me worried is whether this LCD is going to work on my camcorder or not because the
    seller on this website states "Note: without backlight, with touch". Here is the link to the LCD screen on that website: : Buy FREE SHIPPING! Size 2.7 inch,LCD Display Screen for SONY SR200E,SR5E,SR7E,SR8E,SR50E,SR190E,SR200,SR300,HC3 E Video Camera from Reliable Camera LCD Screen suppliers on Shenzhen Skiliwah Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    So my question is: do you guys think it's a problem if I order this LCD which the seller states has 'no backlight'? Or perhaps the backlight has
    not much to do with LCD and it's supplied by some other equipment in the screen panel? I would like to have your suggestion on this, please.
    Btw, do you guys have any experience with this chinese 'ebay' style website? I have one more less important question. does anyone know how to
    disassemble the screen panel of these types of cameras? I would really appreciate if you could briefly explain or provide me a link to video or
    something. I found the service manual of this camera on google but it'sreally not easy to follow. You can have a look at page 39 of this
    service manual ( ) On this page you can see the disassembly of the LCd Panel.

    Thank you in advane!!!

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    Frankly I think its suspicious they can say it suit Sony models - - - and can't supply the backlight. Unless your backlight can be made servicable (which I doubt, unless it's already worked free - you may not get it working - an LCD needs a light source to see the image.

    What could have caused this "smash?" - it's a rare occurance as the LCD is filled with a liquid and usually behind a protective screen (although touch-screens need a relatively thinner protection I understand,). One possibility is a pressure-wave as in explosion, or ignition of powder, or fuel - but I'd expect you'd to know this had happened. Another posibility, is a change due to incorrect pressurised operation (down a mine, or in a high-flying aeroplane?
    It is just possible it was done by low-temperature....really low!
    However, IMHO, the most likely explanation is "accident" and someone's not owning up....

    If the camcorder is useless (?), without this screen you have little to lose priseing the backlight off the broken LCD (but take precautions, sharp glass and odd liquid). I suspect this is something you should not do yourself - unless you have previous experience of such work - Suggest you try local TV repair businesses - someone my know a suitable contact, etc.
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Do you think the backlight is detached from the LCD display? If it is detached then it means the backlight is intact because, as you can see on the picture above, the screen panel is still lit. Thus i would only need to replace the LCD, not backlight.

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    Frankly, looking at a picture isn't need to get it apart since the most likley means of attachment will be a layer* of glue, if that can be removed, then you can try re-using - but it will be a while before you can check it's all working . . . that's why I suggest you try to get someone with necessary skills/experience to attempt this.

    The LCD needs to be specific to the model so the connections are correctly aligned. Knowing how Sony moves their battery connections a fe mm (for no obvious reason, I see), it is not done in the interests of ease for the consumer.

    Does this Chinese(?) supplier offer any G'tee or return policy . . . I wonder why you can't get Sony to repair it?
    I have little more to suggest, sorry.

    * small pads would be enough, but risks dirt getting in - you have to think like the Production Team....not the Repair Dept.

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    yeah you are right! either i or let someone technician take it apart to see whether the backlight is detached or not.

    The Chinese supplier offers one month gaurantee but it's kind of stupid because the arrival of the shippment will take around 3 weeks. I can't get the sony to repair it because its 2 year warranty has already expired. they will never repair it for free if it's out of warranty.. you know when you purchase stuff from them they are like angels but when you return for repairments etc then they turn into devils.

    I didnt get what you mean by small pads?

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    Save your money and stay out of China, For a whole long list of reasons. We purchased a "battery" for our Canon XHA1 for 30 instead of the 250 that Canon wanted to charge for their branded battery, In about a month we forked out the 250 for the Canon battery.
    Branded items in this industry cost money for good reasons, I can buy an Iphone for 40 even though Apple retail their new models at 450-600 - Everyone can tell the difference between the Counterfeit and the genuine article.

    Even if the camera is out of warranty, Find out if they will "examine it" just for cost of postage, If you ship it off and they bill you say 800 then you can say no and get your camera back, Or if they go "yeah 30 and we'll fix it" You'll feel a lot better that you tried and did it!

    Sony Handycam HDR-SR7E Camcorder - Black 4905524438178 | eBay

    Might be cheaper and easier just to fork out 200 and get one like that?

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    You have a point there, Bpotter908. I'm aware of the negative stories about such bad deals with overseas online suppliers. However, the thing is that I failed to find this spare part anywhere on the internet. That, Chinese site, is the only place and site a friend of mine managed to find. This site seems to be like 'ebay' with rating system etc. I have no other option!

    Anyways to update what I did after my last post, I disassembled the camera today to see whether the Backlight is attached or detached to/from the LCD. Fortunately and to my relief the Backlight is detached from the LCD. So, it means it's safe to order that LCD display from the Chinese supplier. I know there is a risk of loosing some bucks but it's better than almost useless camera that cost at least 200 euros.

    I will update this thread after I receive, hopefully, and instal the spare part.

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