Hi I want to buy a camcorder for indoor video recording. It is used to record mostly kids playing around in the room or hamsters playing around in their room. Light condition is normal (household fluorescent light). I want to get a camcorder with good video quality, high clarity at micro-range (e.g. shooting from just 20 cm away) and shows smooth motion when the object is moving fast. Price preferably below 500 USD. But if the video quality is really good, i don't mind throwing in a few more bucks.
How is the video quality of such a camcorder compared with top webcam such as Logitech C910 (I have one which works fairly well indoor)? Do I need to buy an external microphone as well (what brand will be better?)?

i won't need any fancy features (3D, big memory, long recording time, battery life etc). Just want to get one camcorder with good video quality for indoor shooting with normal household light, smooth motion and able to shoot at close range up to 20-30cm. Still image quality and zoom range is not of concern.