Can anyone give me a list of the render settings I need to use to prepare my clips for upload to iStock?

my original files are MXF HD1080 50i (from Canon XF100) into Sony vegas 11 and want to render the finished project aa a Quick time .mov as required by Istock.
I have found a couple of posts that give me most of them but they annoyingly miss out one or two things.

Firstly when I select Quick time 7 in Vegas it firstly gives me a list of "bit rates" before I get to the render setting window.
Which one?
Then I assume its a custom template I select in order to keep my files as close to the original as possible? (HD 1080-50I 1920X1080,25FPS)
So what should all the different boxes say in the Video and audio tabs in order to keep best quality and satisfy those stern people from iStock?


P.S. I have looked at the iStock reccomended settings but they are not comprehensive + Vegas 11 can do MJPEG an Photo JPEG!