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Thread: Privacy when transferring VHS to DVD

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    Default Privacy when transferring VHS to DVD

    Hi all,

    First post on the forum

    I just wondered if there was anyway I could keep privacy of the screen when I am using Pinnacle VHS to DVD transfer. I would like to transfer some videos for people for wanted them to feel comfortable that I wasn't viewing there videos, sounds strange I know, but I just wondered if anyone knew of any solutions or ideas, thanks..... Or maybe you might know somewhere else that I could find a solution.


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    Sounds a bit dodgy. Just turn your monitor off.

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    Yes, you buy them a VHS to DVD recorder, you the train them how to use it and then leave them to it.

    Buy item off Amazon, add 5% charge for it
    Labour time of installing and training money money money
    All in all, cha-Ching

    Or you could "Hire" out the use of your kit...

    That's about the only way around the "privacy" issue for client, I have a feeling someone asked you this becausemthey do not want you stealing shots of their old wedding video, not dodgy but an annoyance to deal with!

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    I was 17 was dubbing new sound onto silent movies being transferred to the new fangled Philips N1500 series video recorders

    WOW! That takes me back, I remember them well, late 1970's early 1980's, and the new Phillips N1700 Colour video cassette recorder with a huge one hour recording time. We could carry on watching TV When the TV Closed down at midnight. I still have a couple of N1700 Cassettes.

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    Thanks for the correction your precise description has bought it all back to me now.

    I remember Redifusion rentals had them for sale at 600 I rented one for 20 per month. Then there was a big ad in the local paper they were being sold off at 250 Brand new. I informed the Redifusion shop they all disappeared soon after. I bought my first 2 hour TDK VHS Tape in 1980 for 12. Then Rented the Ferguson VHS Piano key top loader 3v16 with wired remote control and super freeze frame. I think they too were around 600 to buy. Still got the tape and it still works though now showing signs of ware.

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    The battle of the formats in the 1980's. The TV Ad for the v2000 4hrs one side and 4 hrs the other. I remeber Video library notices. Not available in Betamax. VHS Only.

    I used to video weddings and like you say tape editing was a nightmare as I gained more confident in camera work with the top of the range super Canon VC20 With back space edit as in my 1980's Video Services ad. I did all editing in camera, framing the shots first. This worked well I was able to present the client with the original recording, better than a lousy quality copy.

    Camera kits were big and heavy in those days good fun though. These days you can almost do the whole thing on a mobile phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    , I have a feeling someone asked you this becausemthey do not want you stealing shots of their old wedding video, not dodgy but an annoyance to deal with!
    i think you're being a little naive there

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