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    Good afternoon,

    I represent a chain of Mercedes-Benz commercial dealers in East Anglia, we are looking at producing some virals to aid our marketing campaigns on a few new vehicles. We are looking for someone to produce these with some ideas of our own but would like to see what individuals can bring to the table.

    At present there are no set dealines however with the right individual and price we would move fairly quickly.

    For anyone interested in the oppertunity to work with us please send me some information about yourself along with an example of your work and I will forward you some details. Look forward to speaking to some of you!

    Ben Grayson,
    Marketing Executive
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    Thanks for the feedback Paul, the basic aim of the video is to drive footfall to our website via social medias etc etc. We have a few ideas of our own but a few examples of older videos that I found funny were the Ford Ka Sport ads:
    Ford Ka evil twin - YouTube
    Ford Ka evil twin advert very funny - YouTube

    In terms of budget, this is new territory for us. I’d be interested to see what people could produce a series of clips like the ones above for and then negotiate from there.

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    Hi and welcome.

    I think what Paul is trying to hint at is that a lot of video guys are often reluctant to "pitch" their ideas out their for many of the reasons Paul mentioned, if I hand you a gold mine idea that will up your turnover by 40% - I've not charged you for that then might say "oh well how much would you charge" and I might cost it for 5K ( random number I plucked out of the air )
    But you already have my concept, so why do I "have" to make the video? Another video guy pitches 1K, his show-reel looks as "polished" as mine so you go with him.

    We' have all been stung in this way, it's incredibly frustrating when it happens which is why we stay closed mouth often.

    An advertising agency Pricing. Costs for advertising agencies, website development and graphic design in London, UK

    Gets paid to produce the art, the story and the concept and with a contract in place that says "If you take our idea without paying us, we're gonna come after you and take it back with a vengeance"

    Me as a video guy....I do not have such protection unfortunately.

    I hope this clarifies why a lot of us are extremely hesitant. If your just testing the water and want to find out pricing, find out which production company did the Kia adverts, approach them as a potential client and say "approximately how much to do this but with our own branding/content - that should empower you with a bit more knowledge.

    I say this all in the spirit of trying to help empower you to find the "right" deal for you guys one that not only is cost-effective but is true to your brand messaging and company

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    We' have all been stung in this way, it's incredibly frustrating when it happens which is why we stay closed mouth often.

    Some great comments on this here.

    With a brand name like this one, these days if you try budget cost cutting you could end up doing more harm than good. like If you ask the price then you may not be able to afford it.

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    Can't say I'm surprise that ad was pulled. and I'd be surprised a World-class German compnay would be very happy, being associated with it.

    I agree with posters concerned about pitching an idea, only to have it pinched..... even, if it's "tweaked" they will feel bad about it.
    One idea that removed this would be to contack local Merc-owners and try to understand why they bought . . . that might elicit some underlying ideas which your videographers would be happy to use as a starting point. (to pitch costing, say).

    You may have to consider that any moviing stunts on public roads needs permission from local Police and clarity at the shoot that this is legal and above-board (The Police don't like multiple 999-calls clogging up their workload).

    Personally (for free) I'd suggest a "road-trip" round the famous spots in East Anglia - this would be far easier but will lack that odd-ball "viral" element. But it would show the varieties of owners enjoying their motors. You could include a "jokey" trip to a M-Dealer who solves an odd squeaking sound (caused by a sprig of hedge when they pulled off-road?)...and waves them on their way....roll Credits into the sunset.

    However, I wonder who you think will buy your motors. Do you think teenagers watching YouTube are potential buyers? Shouldn't you be aiming a little higher?

    EDIT: paulears #8, thanks for that update...I saw the car ad and forgot this was "Commercial vehicles" -
    So, maybe ...delivering packages to EA folk who live near beautiful spots, then?
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    Read the entire thread with great interest...just to discover that it came back on list because of the #9 post.... :(

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