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Thread: Titles in Movie Studio

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    Titles in Movie Studio

    I am using Vegas Movie Studio HD platinum.

    Can anybody please tell me what I am doing wrong, I can't see text on video unless I insert it to the video track on top of a clip, when it fades in or out. I want to for instance see a Title or The End on top of a clip. If I insert text into the Text track or the Video overlay track I can't see it at all.

    Confused, Roy

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    What ever is on the upper most track is what will be visible, unless you play around with the composition mode. So if you want to see a title over lay on the video just place it on the track above the video and make sure it has a transparent background.

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    you need to use a media generator preset with a transparent background on a track above the video track on the timeline for something like this.

    P.S. MB beat me to it

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    I'll wait for you to go first next time.

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    Hello again and thanks for the reply's. When I do as you suggest it doesn't work for me, I must be doing something wrong as when I type a title it doesn't show in the preview window. I see a text box on a black background, but no text, I have set the text colour as white. If I insert to the main video track all is fine but nothing shows if inserted to text or overlay track.


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    check my dropbox link and try to replicate.

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    I still don't know what is wrong but have found that if I start a new project all seems ok, will have to start editing the project again.

    thanks again, Roy

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    OP, do you have a recent version of Vegas Studio? The "Show me how" forces you to move the mouse about, to do each task. It rather reads that you aren't selecting the text correctly as it has to be dragged onto the timeline (usually before editing).
    Are you doing this . . Vkmast suggests a source of tuition...
    If you move the timeline pointer onto your selected text, then it should show "Sample Text" initially.
    Then you edit it (delete key/backspace). However, check the font-size for some reason it defaults to LARGE and it's easy to make it run out of the frame.
    If it's not showing when on the "text" track - can you show anything there? Have you clicked on "Mute" by mistake? Mute in Sony-speak means OFF (button on track header on the Left hand side). You may need to drag this out to see all track-header features (then push it back).

    Good luck.

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    Hello, I have Movie Studio HD 11 Platinum and followed the "Show me how" instructions and it appears now that I wasn't doing anything wrong. It was just that particular project that had a problem, it was as if the overlay track was muted and yet it wasn't. Starting a new project with the same material (clips) I had no problem at all. I will probably never know exactly why this happened, I thought it was me doing something stupid. All ok know until the next

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