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    Its been a while guys and girls, hope your well........

    Heres a track by me and a friend of mine......soul diva


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    I liked the track and the voices of you and your friend are very good.

    The video looks dark. It's not just that it's dark it's that the lighting is also very flat. Where you trying to create a certain look ?

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    Agree .... good voices.
    personally the dark faded out look ads to the feel fro me .....
    informal , amateur look ... Amater ...not being disrespectful as that is the look you are going for.

    your voices sure aren't amateur!!!

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    Great track, but I'm afraid the video gets the thumbs down from me.

    It looked like two people filmed on separate occasions sitting down singing then mixed together. Which I guess is what it was. It didn't tell a story. It didn't show interaction. Basically it didn't add anything to the material and if anything detracted from it. But that's just my opinion. Maybe I'm missing something.

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    agreed guys, it was edited after copious amounts of wine!!!!! going to re-edit the whole thing

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    Id just like to give the listeners/watchers here a taste of what it is to really feel music...............i mean really feel it

    Ole Man Trouble - Otis Redding - YouTube

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    Too dark, IMHO and it was a while before I realised these folks were singing . . . but surely singers would stand, so as to get their best vocal sounds?
    FWIW I suggest they are placed in a recording studio, or a stage-setting, even if it's small like a pub/club -these venues allow for controlled lighting and microphones, some cutaways to the musicians can help...

    Is the material your copyright?
    YT can be a bit picky....

    Otis vid seems to be an advertisement; switched off, sorry.
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