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Thread: Adding a flash at the end of the video

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    Default Adding a flash at the end of the video

    Hey guys newbie here!

    So my project is almost done!
    My last thing is that i have a video at the very end and for the finish i want it to freeze on a picture from the video and then make a flash and show the picture. Like they do in some music videos if anyone understands what i mean?
    I have the frozen image sorted, i just grabed the image i wanted from the video, cut the video at that poitn and put the image after the video, so the video plays onto the image, but i want a kind of light flash between the video end+picture

    Any help would be great! thanks in advance!

    EDIT: just re-read my post and it makes no sense, so il try and explain a little clearer

    Basicly the video is of me and some friends jumping into the swimming pool on holiday. I have a song as the backing music and iv timed it so that when we are all in the air, the song plays the last 'beat'. At this point i have the image frozen (by means described above) but i want there to be a flash just as the last beat of the song hits. In other words, when the song ends, the screen flashes and we are all in mid-jump above the pool, quite a fitting ending to the video i think?

    Iv been trying to find a video that shows an example of what i mean but i cant find one, iv seen it countless times on music videos though!
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    There a few ways to do this. I think in Pinnacle the easiest way is to put a very small piece of white media on the track above the video just for a few frames. Having a fade in and out on this white media will make it look better.

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    What do you mean by 'white media'? sorry this is my first time making a video so im pretty inexperienced!

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    I'm not sure of what Pinnacle has already, Sony Vegas has blank colours that you can drag to the time line. I'm sure in Pinnacle if it hasn't already got something you can use like a plain white background, you can make your own. Just make a blank white picture or the dimensions of your video. example full HD size is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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    Ahhh yes i got it sorted! Thanks midnight blue, i used a white background and dragged it into the second line of images, then put a fade either side at the right length and hey presto! it makes a white flash effect! exactly what i was looking for, thanks mate much apreciated!

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