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Thread: Help with aspect PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Exclamation Help with aspect PLEASE HELP!!!!

    please help my camera is set to record 16:9 and when i put it on my computer it comes out in 4:3. look at this video to see what i mean DealExtreme Knive And Gadget Unboxing Ep.1 - YouTube and i dont know how to fix it HELP PLEASSSEEE

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    DId you match your media in your project settings. Did you want all that black around the video. Have you been playing around with the crop tool ?

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    sorry i dont know im not a real techy person :P

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    Sorry couldn't reach that vid - clogged up with adverts.

    Let's go back to the start:-
    What PC are you using, processor RAM etc and which operating system software/ version?
    What video software are you using? - - - You posted under Vegas - is that "Studio, v11", perhaps?)

    Are you sure the camera is recording in 16:9? the playback LCD should give a reasonable stab at this.

    Can you view the clips as they come off the memory-card (saved to yr internal HDD)? These should be the correct aspect ratio. ...however, PC's are not the best way to view Editied footage, due to demands on processor-power, but the aspect ratio should be pretty close to spot-on. IMHO.

    As others have suggested, you need to "Match Media" - in Vegas Studio there is a Browse panel to the right of the Project set-up box . . . not too clearly displayed in my view and you need to put one vid-clip in this, VS uses this as a sample of the media.
    However, there are other places you could be selecting the wrong Rendering setting...there should be a window showing 1920 x 1080 - work your way through the Show me How tutorials to get familiar with the tiny buttons Vegas uses.

    First, you need to confirm the tech details and then confirm the footage is really 16:9..

    good luck.
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    im positive im recording in 16:9 yes im using vegas pro 11, but i just got it. my camera records to a mini dv tape. do you think its because my moniter is a square and not rectangular?
    specs: 8 gigs of ram, intel core i7-2600 cpu @ 3.40GHz 64-bit

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    This is the trick,drag your clip onto the vegas timeline..Click the Crop icon 9(the little diamond icon),Locate Preset on the top of the window which appears after you hit the Pan/Crop icon,select 16:9 Widescreen Aspect ratio from the Preset drop down menu

    -Hope This Helped

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    BUT before you follow Abhi_Nash's advice I think you need to make sure you set the capture settings to the correct size. As even if you are recording 16:9 if you don't capture from the mini DV tape correctly then it will not be right BUT the footage you posted didn't look squashed to me which lead me to believe that it is in fact only recording in 4:3 and not 16:9.

    When you have captured the footage follow the procedure of setting the project settings that we have mentioned earlier and then report back with the settings that Vegas has suggested. This will give us a better idea as to what the format really is.

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    my computer makes it 4:3 on both of my digital cameras too

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    here can you tell me what to change the settings to SS Screen Capture #001.jpg

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    here does this help SS Screen Capture #002.jpg

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