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Thread: New Promo video i did for the 'ill Mind of Hopsin 5"

  1. Default New Promo video i did for the 'ill Mind of Hopsin 5"

    So this week i've been shooting the "ill mind of Hopsin 5" video, currently in the editing stages. We released a short promo this morning- The actual video will be released on July 18

    ill Mind of Hopsin 5 (Official Promo) - YouTube

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    I think they're rather striking images which will stick in the mind. However, I'd have cut it to keep the pendulous swing of the overhead light in sync.

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    Agree. It would have been great to see the swing of the light constant as it cut between the different shots.

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    That colour green is uncomfortable on purpose i am sure ...
    Reminds me of the green in "Event Horizon" (scary movie that for me )

    Agree with lamp too but this short promo builds curiosity very well .

    Good job

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    i did think about the light thing, but then figured it worked anyway like it made it more uncomfortable. would have been cool though haha, thanks for the comments though everyone!

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