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    Hello all
    Due to purchase of a new camcorder I am having to replace my video editing software.
    I used to use Ulead Video Studio 9 to capture video from my old camcorder, small vhs tapes played
    on a vcr captured via a conextant capture card in my pc.
    My new camcorder, Samsung F70 SD, produces video in mp4 format. VS9 will not handle or recognise
    this format, which is the reason for needing new software.
    I have read good reviews of Sony Vegas 11 and there is a special offer for this at the local PC World
    (Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum production Suite 11), but am
    having problems confirming that it will do what I want. I have downloaded the trial version, but when I try to
    install it it says it needs Vista or Windows 7 and will not install. I have XP SP3.
    The listing for the full version says that it will run on XP SP3. Is anyone using it on this platform?
    The main thing I will want to use it for is to import mp4 files, concatenate them, clip out bits of the
    files, eg. dark parts where the lights went down, bits where I dropped the camera, etc. and to output the
    finished project onto a dvd for playing on a dvd player.
    Occasionally I will also want to capture from the vcr through the conextant card.
    Will Vegas allow me to do this ?
    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Sorry, should also have said that the first project I need to do is 6 mp4 files,
    total size about 5 Gb, to be concatenated etc.
    Will Vegas 11 handle these sizes ?

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    I have tried SVS v10 on XP with SP3 and it didn't work although all the signs were good until the activation was inserted. Whilst vegas Studio may have worked on XP SP3 it's possible that they've introduced some features that prevent this, but they only trial it on Win7 PC with an XP emulation.
    + If their Free Trial doesn't work on yr PC, it doesn't bode well for the one you pay for....
    Shops will be selling-off studio v11 as v12 will be hitting the shelves soon enough. Don;t pay more than 25 for v11 Production Suite is my advice.

    If OP is investing in Camcorders and Software, it might be worthwhile upgrading the PC (with faster processor and multi-cores).
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