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Thread: Cloning video with one actor :)

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    Cool Cloning video with one actor :)

    I made this video in three very long days editing 20 hours a day (not that I didn't love it lol!) I'm just sharing it for opinions on the sound/ editing/ acting or anything you can think of There is even a little behind the scenes feature that I made
    Adobe After Effects Cloning - YouTube

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    You have put a lot of work into this and it shows in the quality of the cloning effect, masking etc. I think you framed your shots well but there was a couple of odd looking cuts Example. the opening van sequence. I'm not sure if it was breaking the 180 degree rule but it felt odd to me.

    It is very unrealistic that the guy we see at 1:39 would be day dreaming and wouldn't know the guy who kills him wasn't there after shooting his machine gun from a few feet away. I think the shot at 2:06 should have had bullet holes in the fence/wall.

    Apart from a couple of these minor points the quality of the work is very good BUT don't just think of a video as a reason to use effects. If you make a movie it should tell a story. Like why would the clones start killing etc. You should establish the charictures before they start shooting things up, unless it's someone like it's James Bond that we all know. Otherwise we don't know how is the good guy and who is the bad guy etc. So why would we care who lives and who dies.

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    Minor point:- he needed car keys to stop the engine but can enter the house without any.
    +Agree about character establishing . . . and it wasn't too clear these were clones first when some distance away they could be mates dressed similarly.

    er, not that I'd have any idea to start that clone-editiing process. I guess I'd use similar size actors wearing a laxex masks, like those for US Presidents, etc.

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    great style pilgrim..Liked the whole concept...One arrives by car, clones mass attack, all wiped out. then all by car at end...very nice surreal touch. Liked the back head shot on done well to keep composure..not bad..Only wish i could clone like you, i would run riot.!!! Editing not perfect, then neither was it in spiderman, so i wouldnt let that bother done good.

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