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Thread: Help on Vegas 11 render outputs

  1. Default Help on Vegas 11 render outputs


    I am new Vegas Pro 11 user and I am trying some render outputs.

    I am not sure what could be the best render set that would fit my needs.

    My project is an amateur documentary around 40 minutes. The main footage is 1280 x 720, 59.970p, .mts (AVCHD). Some b-roll is used as well (different formats and fps).

    I tried the following outputs (applied to the 10 minutes I already have created):

    =>.wmv V11 / .mp4 XDCAM EX / .avi (xvid custom codec)

    To these outputs, Vegas rendered great. But a couple of questions have appeared:

    a) I set all these outputs to 29.970p (half than the original 59.970p). What would be the overall implications of these fps changes? Should I maintain the original 59.970p?

    b) I tried the Vegas .avi YUV codec. The output had a plenty of image problems. Besides, the size of the file was huge. The .avi custom XVID (which worked) has around 300 MB and the .avi YUD has 16GB of problems!!! Considering the original “.avi” Vegas codecs, what would be a good try?

    c) Returning to my project and mentioned footage settings, what would be the best outputs to be used? My only concerns is to obtain the best image and that the output could be compatible with most players as possible…

    Thanks in advance,

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    Setting the frame rate to 29.970 is the correct thing to do and should not affect the final out put. The software should just do a normal pull down that you shouldn't notice. What will the final delivery be of the documentary, DVD, BlueRay disk, YouTube, etc. this should be the main consideration when selecting a format to render. Then considerations like file size/quality ratio. ie small file less quality etc..

    If you are going to burn it to a DVD use standard mpeg2, If you just want to up load to YouTube I have found .wmv is a good format to use as it is reasonable quality and a reasonable file size to up load. My favourite codec to use it the Main Concept mpeg2 with a HD resolution. I find this gives a better end product but a bigger file size. So I would recommend that you continue experimenting to see what works best for you.

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    Recently tried diffferent VS remdering settings ForFun and discovered for m2ts "Main Concept" took four hours and "Sony avc" just one . . . . the difference on playing was that the Sony had audio and MC was silent....

    why didn't it warn me 1) there would be no audio
    and 2) I'd have to wait 4 hours!

    (yes I know calculations are not precise as it depends on the type of edits/effets etc. but 1:4 is just silly).

    I really think Vegas should have some explanations against these options.

    The frame-rate could be set by a Radio-button, as can NTSC/PAL, then you can select the quality and it tells you which to choose. Presenting us with a full list just looks like software lazyness IMHO.
    The vid was just under 10minutes, start to finish.

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    1. These is (on the pro version) on the audio tab of the custom setting screen, a tick box to include the audio stream.
    2. While it is rendering it gives an estimated time to completion and time taken so far along with a % completed bar.

    When on the custom settings screen if you click on the ? (top right) it opens a help box with an explanation of what each item is.

    The movie studio/Platinum versions may be difference BUT as has already been established I'm not familiar with that version of Vegas.

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    Everything that MB says is valid for VMSPlatinum 10 and 11 too.
    And if you pick the render template(s) in either of those, it does give you a brief description what you get. In some template(s) there's no mention of audio, unless you customize it by ticking the box like MB says. By clicking Custom(ize template) you'll see all that you get.
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    Something strange is happening in my rendering tests using [Sony AVC/MVC (*.mp4; *.m2ts; *.avc)]. I would appreciate help to understand.

    I customized a template with following settings:
    Video: AVC, 29.970 fps, 1280x720 Progressive
    Audio: AAC, 192 Kbps, 48,000 Hz

    => In tab "system" of customization render window, If I select *.m2ts and after rendering the file is great. But,

    a) If I select *.mp4 the rendered file doesn't have audio, just image. What would be the problem?

    b) If I select *.avc the rendered file doesn't open in any player I have available in my computer (e.g. PotPlayer, Windows Media Player, AVSPlayer). Is there any issue to open *.avc in computer players?

    In short, to [Sony AVC/MVC (*.mp4; *.m2ts; *.avc)] just *.m2ts worked for me...


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    a) When you selct to use mp4 go to the audio tab and tick the include audio stream tick box.
    b) .avc will not be any good to you as this file will not and can not have any audio on it. I'm sure someone somewhere will have a use for this but I don't think it's the sort of thing we need to worry about.

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    Thanks everybody for information. I am getting very expertise about rendering!!!

    About the Sony AVC/MVC (*.mp4), the rendered file still without sound. I attached an image with options I am using. The sound (included audio) is checked and I am beginning to consider it an error/ incorrect render. Should I?

    AVC MP4 without sound.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    maybe you should.
    Some similar experiences here
    No AAC audio using Sony AVC (.mp4) SVP11. : Sony Vegas
    By the way, do you happen to have any codec pack(s) installed?
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