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Thread: Converting AVCHD mts to mpeg and avi

  1. Default Converting AVCHD mts to mpeg and avi


    I got a new camera Canon HF M46 Full HD , it gives me avchd mts
    file , when I play it on tv directly from camera or even if I play mts file
    directly on my computer it looks amazing and everything is very smooth , but
    when I convert it to avi or mpeg or another format , it wont be smooth , the
    quality is good but when objects in the video are moving its like its very jerky
    , I heard that its because we have to set the frame type to Upper Field
    First, I tried it with Corel Video Studio , it does have this option and it fixes
    the problem but the main problem is that Corel is very limited it doesn't let me
    change anything frame size or bit rate , and at the end the file size gets
    double size of my original mts.
    Does anyone know id there is anyone video
    converter software to offer Upper Field First option and let me change the

    Thanks a lot
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    Why to you want to convert it if it plays ok straight from the camera ?

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    Thanks for the reply

    I just want to convert it to a different format like wmv , mpeg or avi divx, the main reason is the size, I want to decrease the size !

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    One could use the Compressor app if he/she's on Mac... it comes with an extensive list of presets...

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    I'm using PC

    Okay let me ask my question in a different way,
    How come all of these full HD movies and documentaries that are downloadable in mpeg format, divx or mkv are very smooth , werent all of these at first in avchd or other different full hd formats ?
    How are these converted to normal formats (avi divx, mpeg, wmv)?
    what software they use to convert them ?
    Thats my question !

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    I use a video editing program called Sony Vegas Pro but that might be a bit over the top if you just want to convert it to make it a smaller file size and don't actually want to edit the video. One kind of out there way to do it is to up load it to YouTube and let their software convert it to .mp4 you can then down load it and it will be a much smaller file size. There are many different free file conversion solutions. For example I have used AnyVideo Converter in the past, I'm sure a quick Google will find may other. This type of software should know that HD footage to be set to Upper field first during conversion so you may not see the option in the software you choose.

    As AVCHD mts files are already quite a compressed file format, depending on how much smaller you want the file size, you may have to also reduce the resolution. This will inevitably reduce the image quality but this is always the case if you want your video files to be smaller.

    I hope this info helps you to find what you want.

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    Thank you

    I have worked with vegas, Im quite good with it , but it has the same problem , it doesnt let you change Upper Field First for frame type !
    The other video converters dont have that option either, that option is the only problem otherwise I can use any software !


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    If you use Vegas to render to a .wmv format I believe it automatically deinterlace the video to make it progressive, that would mean you don't need a field order. This would be a natural choice to make as most .wmv files will be viewed on a progressive type of monitor ie computer screen. You only really need a field Order choice if it is rendering an interlaced video while computer monitors can view interlaced videos just fine normally they are a native progressive screen unlike TVs which are native interlaced (well they use to be).

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    I tried it just now , and againt eh same problem
    what about the other formats ?
    Can I ask what you usually do with your video clips after you transferred them to your computer form the camcorder !? what format do you usually convert them to ?
    Because if even you want them to be converted to DVD or bluray the same problem appears !

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    Firstly when I take the footage from my camera I put it straight into Vegas and do what ever editing I want with it as it comes from the camera. I would then render it depending on what is the intended delivery format. Example if I need to put it on a DVD I would render it as an mpeg2 as that is the standard format for DVDs. This would take 1920 x 1080i or 1280 x 720 footage and reduce it to 720 x 576i. Once it has been burned onto a DVD it looks very good. If I'm just up-loading to YouTube I often choose .wmv as it gives a small file size relative to quality.

    My concern with what you have said is firstly what exactly do you mean by jerky. I would mean that movement is not smooth. Secondly because you seem concerned about field order this would not normally give a jerky video but may give other issues like combing, were the edge of an object might have comb like teeth instead of being smooth.

    Lets see if we can get to the bottom of this. What is the resolution and format of your footage ie does your camera shoot interlaced or progressive ?

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