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    I have Sony Vegas 6.0. I'm wondering if Vegas has a twirl option, not to be confused with swirl. I hate to use this mindlessly enjoyable kitsch as an example of what I'm looking for, but in Resident Evil, the scene of Alice waking from the shower was shot still w/ zooming out and then a twirl was added in post to obtain the finished look.

    Any help?

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    Do you mean actually rotating the image? If so, try track motion.

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    That rotates it, but I need it to gradually rotate - as if the camera was twirling when it was being filmed.

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    Have you tried using the keyframe function with track motion?
    Setup the begining shot, then drag the timeline curser to where the end shot will be , add a new marker and adjust the track motion (all of this is done within the track motion window).
    It should then smoothly transition from one position to the other in the time frame set.

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    Why, thank you.

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    no problem
    key framing is great to play with

    ifg you have any dramas, post it up and we'll work it out

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    Wow. Key framing gives me a new reason to live.


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