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Thread: "Titles & text" is crashing Vegas 11 64bit build 683. Is anyone experimenting that?

  1. Default "Titles & text" is crashing Vegas 11 64bit build 683. Is anyone experimenting that?


    Vegas Pro 11 64 bit (build 683) is crashing when I use "titles & text". It seems to be related to use animation.

    Is anyone experimenting that? Would it be any workaround to deal with Vegas crash?

    Ps.: I tried 32 bit version and "titles & text" works great.


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    see towards the end of the thread here
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Pro - Video Messages

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    Thanks vkmast!!
    I proceeded on running Vegas in compatibility mode (as "vista", since my windows is 7) as the thread indicated.
    In fact, Vegas stop the crashes when handling "titles & text", what is great somehow. But a problem still appearing. It is impossible to change the animation of the title more than a couple of times (sometimes just once). Even if another title is created, this is applied to it as well. So, it is necessary to close Vegas, re-start, apply or change title animation. If I would like to change again, just re-starting. Very annoying... Simple tool from own Sony. I am a new Vegas user and I am learning to develop a "real" project soon. But I am afraid what kind of new problems are expecting for me. I am beginning to loose my confidence with Vegas...
    Do you know if version 10 is more stable than 11? Does make sense to go "back" to version 10?

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    I seem to recall some users reporting the kind of problem you're still having with Titles&Text. Maybe you could use Legacy Text in some cases instead.
    Regarding your two last questions, I would not like to make recommendations either way. You'll read about many different user experiences, if you scroll the Vegas forums. I have Pro 10 and 11 both installed (also VMS 11 Plat), use mainly v11 and it works well enough for me on my lowish-end laptop, but I'm not pushing it to any limits with various plug-ins. One thing to remember though is to keep your drivers updated. As a new user you need also some time to find the workflow that suits you best.

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    Hi vkmast!
    So far the problem I found is related to Titles&Text.
    I will try Legacy Text and explore more version 11 before try version 10.
    You mention to use VMS 11 as well. By curiosity, what would be the application of VMS 11 since it seems all its features is included in Pro version? Would be any handy workflow in VMS?

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    if you have not yet tried the free 15-day version of VMStudio Platinum /Platinum Production Suite, you might want to do that. You may well find that it is enough for your purposes at the moment.

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