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Thread: which software to use??

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    Default which software to use??

    Questions froma new newbie!! I have not trawled through all the posts there so forgive me if i am asking what has already been asked. I am very new to this game and only bought a camcorder in march. I have taken my first holiday movie done abit of editing and aftre many attempts and time ( 12 hours to burn!!!) i finally got the end result onto dvd. Its not the best but its a start! I am capturing using firewire , using movie maker to edit then nero or sonic to burn. I dont yet understand all the different file extensions but have read that movie maker isnt the best as they create WMV files apparently! I am not sure about AVI files and VOb files yet and no idea what a decrypter does, so at this moment my question is fairly simple. There is a computer fair near me most saturday and they sell most things so which editing package should i get if my end result is to dvd? Apart from buying a new faster pc can i reduce the time taken to save to hard drive (6 hours) and burn (12 hours) or is this because i am using movie maker. I have loads of other questions and i apologise for the length of this but if i read through all the posts i may become more knowledgable!

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    I'd suggest having a look at Adobe Premiere Elements - it's a cut down version of Premiere Pro, but it has the most features in there that most people will ever use.

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    Interesting recommendation.

    As most folks on these forums know, I am a bit of a Ulead enthusiast, but recently I installed a trial version of Adobe Elements. I was well impressed, certainly worth consideration. I particularly liked the user interface.

    I might even buy the full version just to treat myself.

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    Also check out Pure Motion Edit Studio.


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