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Thread: Rode videomic problem

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    Default Rode videomic problem

    Hi Everyone

    I have a Rode videomic and it is does a great job , but recently I have (for some reason) been having a problem where I have background noise all thro my films which I presume to be either handling noise or from the shock mount.

    To describe the sounds like someone tapping a microphone with their finger but shorter and constant.

    I am shooting indoors in a silent environment

    I am also set on the middle setting (on) and as it came from the box (0db)

    any suggestions welcome pleaseas it is ruining my work


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    Have you checked for interference coming from some other piece of electrical equipment? It could also be due to a bad plug or socket.

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    I have no electric cables near although I forgot to mention 2 things

    1/ I can hear my breathing on the playback audio

    2/ I sometimes use the cam with the mains cable plugged in. I cant remember if I did or not in this instance as it was over a month ago but the breathing is a problem I will need to address

    This video has the exact same noise inbetween the hiss test but he doesnt mention it
    Rode VideoMic Tests - picking up noise/interference - YouTube

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    SO does that mean the mic is mounted on the camera and you was leaning over the camera when using it. The only solution is to stop breathing.

    OR you could try turning down the gain and take the mic off the camera and put it nearer the subject.

    ALSO make sure the onbaord mic on the camera isn't also recording.

    AND use the mic with a battery like in the video to cut down on the chance of interference.

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    yes the mic is cam mounted and I either need to stop smoking or start breathing thro my mouth. I am not concious of it untill I hear playback

    How do I turn down the gain ?

    I have never checked if the onboard mic was off. This problem has only recently started...I just presumed that plugging in the Rode would negate the cams mic

    I have listened to my audio again and there is no hissing, just this sort of amplified finger touching noise.

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    Check your camera manual about the switching off of the camera mic and the gain.

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    Thanks for your help.
    I will post my findings so others can read


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    It would be good to find out.

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    I wonder if the issue isn't that somehow he's turned up the gain and now notices things that were overlooked before.

    The "breating" issue rather points to excessive gain and mecanical noises could be from the zoom/autofocus - OP really needs to put that mic in a sealed box and try again...that should separate "electrical" induced noise and "picked-up sound".

    + Why is it on-camera?

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    I haven't altered the gain since I bought the mic.

    The mic was on cam as I tend to move about a lot but I am now going to test it hanging from the ceiling.
    The cam mic was switched on and I have now switched that off in readyness for my new round of is strange that it has just happened all of a sudden and not before now.

    I have been editing the film today and I have noticed the audio is so sensative that every miniscule noise is picked up, which never used to happen.
    With so many factors being taken into account, I am wondering if I solve the problem, will I know what the actual cause is, so I may go through the process of just one stage at a time so I can identify the actual source

    I will keep you posted


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