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Thread: Shared Timeline: 1080i-30fps & 720p-60fps ?!

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    Lightbulb Shared Timeline: 1080i-30fps & 720p-60fps ?!

    I have two cameras on the same timeline in Vegas 11; a Panasonic HCD-SD9 (1080i-30fps) and a GoPro HD Hero (720p-60fps) my final destination is Youtube but if I can use the same file for archiving that would be great. The original files are 1080-MTS & 720-MP4

    I figured the optimum output would be 720p-60fps-MP4 right? Both the file types say they are AVC so I figured "Sony AVC MP4" rendering codec is the way to go?

    Does anyone know if Youtube supports audio over 256kbps? For archiving purposes I wondered if I should go higher and let Youtube downgrade, only for the uncompressed FLAC camera does not record a higher bitrate then 256kbps.

    This is about to get complicated stay with me here... I have a time lapse in both file types that needs to be pre-rendered/compressed before inserting on my timeline. Right now I am working with the 1080i-30fps time lapse, the MTS file I found is the best when rendered into a M2TS file which is closest to it's original file type/template (no room for an AVI time lapse unfortunately). With the the final output file being 60fps I would think I can take advantage of the 30fps time lapse at over 300X speed and render a 1080-60fps time lapse (30fps @ 300X+ is much more then 60fps anyway isn't it? Something like 300 frames per 1 frame? So if rendered @ 60fps it would be more like 150 frames per 1 frame?) I figured it would be a smoother time lapse but the Sony AVC codec in M2TS format only allows 60fps if its rendered progressive (I even tried 720-M2TS but interlaced is still blocked out), the original MTS file is interlaced and I usually render back into interlaced but at it's original 30fps. Even though my final output format will be progressive it just seems right to render back into it's original interlaced format for timeline insertion. A 30i time lapse looks clearer but may not be as smooth as's as if I have to make a decision which I wana loose; smoothness or sharpness haha.

    Any advice!?
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    If you scrole down on THIS PAGE you will see the bit rate YouTube will accept it recommends 384kbps for sterio audio. You should also note the it recommends deinterlacing before uploading as all the formats it supports are progressive. "Content at 1080i 60, should be deinterlaced, going from 60 interlaced fields per second to 30 progressive frames per second before uploading"

    This is about to get complicated
    Yes, it is far to complicated.

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    I don't see it BUT 384kbps you say? I appreciate that!

    I always knew Youtube strictly supports progressive, I let them convert my 1080-30i but I did not know I should be rendering 30fps when going from interlaced to progressive... so aside from this project/timeline should I render my usual 1080-30i uploads to 1080-15p before I upload!?
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    No I would render it at 1080-30p

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    Oh, I thought I saw a pattern I guess not. So I should use the same for my GoPro footage and just render back to it's original 720-60p?

    I suppose this is a matter of adding 1080-30i footage to a 720-60p timeline to clarify.

    I made room for some AVI time lapses but AVI files say "RESOLUTIONx24" instead of their original "x12"
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    Yes just put all the original footage 1080i and 720p on the time line Vegas should be able to deal with it. Set the project properties to what ever the final render will ie 1920 x 1080-30p.

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    I figured downsizing my 1080 is better then trying to blow up 720 though?

    Am I going to loose my smoothness by lowering my frame rate to match the 1080s or should I be doubling my 1080s to match the 720-60fps? If I double my 30i to 60p I'm just making duplicates of frames aren't I? I'm afraid 60p downed to 30p will loose dada/compress frames etc.

    I notice a slight color change when I render a 12bit color file to 24bit AVI (uncompressed time lapse) then back to MP4 12bit for the final render...
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