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    cheapest youtube views ever =) 1k views price only for $1 , high quality views =) Buy Youtube Views - Cheapest Youtube Views - $1 per 1000 views

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    Hi, I'm looking for an affordable yet will increase my traffic by buying a cheap you tube views.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestorm111 View Post
    cheapest youtube views ever =) 1k views price only for $1
    Hardly the cheapest ever. One of my videos has just reached 50,000 for free and with no marketing whatsoever (OK maybe a link on this forum and an email to a few friends). I guess that comes from having a reasonably well made video about a subject that some people are likely to search for. The majority of the film has a viewer retention of just above 90% and this only drops once the film proper is finished and we get into the playout/credits.

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    Your price is good for views.i will pm u later.

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    Lol, so this guy spends 30 mins creating 3 accounts so he can spam his own spam to make it seem popular/believable?

    No creativity, except when it comes to avoiding honest work.

    The Internet garden could be such an amazing place if it weren't for all these grubs.

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    this is a pretty hilarious attempt to earn money. wow

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    Can you send a link to the video?

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