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Thread: How is this for a second try

  1. Red face How is this for a second try

    I have made my second "kinda trying to be professional" review.

    I'm using only a webcam and cheap lights as i cant afford anything else.

    Please tell me whet you think of the entire video. I worked very hard

    And also how can i increase quality with this webcam.

    I tried increasing lights and playing with settings. Anything else?

    Thank you.

    Unboxing: Kontrol Freek GamerPack - YouTube

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    I like the clean plain white background. It's good to use a stationary camera but try to keep you hand movements down to a minimum. Only move them or the product for a reason. It would be nice to see you attach the items on to an Xbox and show how they can improve performance, like a proper review, as this was really just an unboxing video.

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    Thank you for your support. I will be adding them onto a ps3 controller in my review, since the unboxing is just an unpacking video.

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